What Is Auto Flow Beehive?

What Is Auto Flow Beehive?

Auto Flow Beehive is the next step in the evolution of beekeeping. It is a revolutionary new beehive design that allows beekeepers to harvest honey without disturbing the bees or damaging their natural hive structure. 

1. What Is Auto Flow Beehive?

The Auto Flow Beehive is a type of beehive that uses patented technology to allow beekeepers to harvest honey easily and undisturbed the life of bees or beekeepers to remove the honeycomb.

The Auto Flow Beehive works by using special frames that have partially formed honeycomb cells with a thin layer of wax covering them. When the beekeeper turns a key or lever, the cells split open and the honey flows out through a tube and into a collection jar. The bees are not disturbed during this process, and the honeycomb is left intact so the bees can continue to use it.

The Auto Flow Beehive has become popular among beekeepers around the world. The design of the hive is based on traditional Langstroth hives, but with the addition of the special frames and honey collection system.

2. What are the advantages of Auto Flow Hive?

Improved honey production:

Flowing hives allow beekeepers to extract honey without disturbing the bees, reducing their stress levels and boosting productivity. This can result in higher honey yields compared to traditional beehives.

Reduced labor and time:

With a flowing hive, beekeepers can extract honey quickly and easily without having to remove frames or disrupt the hive for long periods. This can save time and reduce labor costs for the beekeeper.

automatic beehive

Better for the bees:

Flowing hives are designed to be less disruptive and stressful for bees since the honey extraction process is smoother and quicker. This can help to promote better health and wellbeing among bees.

Higher quality honey:

Flow Honey hives allow for better control over the honey extraction process in beekeeping:

Improved safety:

Flowing hives typically have safety features that make it easier for beekeepers to handle the hive without being stung or injuring the bees. This can promote safety and reduce the risk of accidents during the honey extraction process., resulting in a higher-quality product that is less likely to be contaminated during extraction.

These are some advantages of flow honey hives.  If you want to know more about beekeeping, please leave a message or click the button below to tell us!

What Is Auto Flow Beehive?

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