Where can I buy honey extractor

When you start beekeeping, you will face an question: harvesting honey. In order to get honey, you need tools to remove the covers of cells and extract honey. So how to choose a good honey extractor as beekeeper? First, you need know how many hives do you have. After that , you can choose which […]

What is beeswax

Beeswax, also known as yellow wax, honey beeswax. Beeswax is a fatty substance secreted by the wax glands of the worker bees in the bee colony. In the bee colony, worker bees use their own secreted wax to build nest spleen, ovary closure and feed room cover. Honeycomb is a place for bees to store […]

Queen Bee

Queen Bee The work of nurturing new queen bee is usually carried out in the fall (usually in the summer) to prepare for high yields in the coming year. When two queen bees appear in the bee colony, they will fight each other until there is a queen bee alive. Worker bees are female bees […]

Beekeeping Knowledge

For starter beekeepers, you should not blindly buy a large number of bee colonies at first. You should buy a small number of bee colonies first, because you have not mastered many beekeeping techniques when you first contacted beekeeping. The purchase of a large number of bee colonies may result in a large loss of […]

40 Frame Honey Extractor

Multi-sweet Group Released 40 Frame Honey Extractor Multi-sweet group release new product: 40 frame honey extractor. Whole product made by stainless steel. And the inner basket has 40 frames that means you can put 40 honeycombs into honey extractor. The 40 frame honey extractor can improve the efficiency of harvesting honey. Suitable for big beekeeper that […]

Multi-sweet Group Introduction

Multi-sweet Group is a professional beekeeping equipment manufacturer which has 14 years of production experience in China. We are integrated with the beekeeper management, beekeeping machines development and honey processing products. We have acquired 100,000 grade GMP purification standard and QS native intelligence. Because of  our stable quality, reasonable price and good service, our products are quite satisfied by clients. Multi-sweet […]

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