Multi Sweet Langstroth Beehive B-7L

Modern Wooden Honey Bee Hive Manufacturers Langstroth Bee Box Beehive

  • Brand: Multi-Sweet
  • Material: China Fir Wood
  • Size: 8 Frames / 10 Frames / Customized
  • Use For: Apiculture, Beekeeping
  • Application: Modern Beehive, Beekeeping Equipmentproduct catalog




Product Introduction:
  • The Langstroth beehive is commonly used all over the world.
  • In Langstroth beehive, the bees make their combs, which could easily be separated from all adjacent parts of the hive — the walls of the hive, the floor of the hive, the cover of the hive, and other frames within the hive. Extracting a frame from such a hive will not require any comb to be cut.

introduction of langstroth beehive

Product Parameters Of Langstrosh Beehive:
Product nameLangstroth beehive
MaterialChina Fir wood
AccessoriesIncluding the outer cover, inner cover, deep box, super box, bottom board, and entrance reducer
Packing size60*48*32cm

2 sets/package

Type8/10 frames bee hive

Product Details & Assembly:

Being able to remove and replace combs so easily makes it possible — and practical — for beekeepers to inspect all of their hives on a regular basis. Such inspections, to check for signs of disease and/or parasites, imminent swarming, an aging queen, and other conditions requiring intervention, are essential to successful bee husbandry.


details of langstroth beehive

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Package and Services:
  • Package:
    • 2 sets/carton, 55*52*32cm, 21.5kg/set
    • Usually, bee hives are flat packed,  2pcs per carton, or packed according to your demands
  • Our Services:
    • The largest manufacturer of beekeeping equipment
    • More than 30 years of experience in the beekeeping field
    • Best quality with fast delivery
    • Customized size, OEM, etc.
    • Warranty:1 year
    • Professional after-service teams

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Factory Capacity:

factory capacity

You may be happy to find a new reliable factory of beekeeping equipment with superior quality and reasonable price. We mainly deal with:

  • Beehive,
  • Extractor,
  • Beekeeping Tools,
  • Protective Clothing,
  • Feeders,
  • Queen rearing
  • Honey & Wax Processing Machine,
  • Bee products.

Any interest, please contact us. We shall be glad to send the catalog and the best quotation.

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Multi Sweet Langstroth Beehive B-7L
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