Queen Rearing

Queen Rearing

Multi-sweet specialized assortment of equipment tailored for honey bee queen rearing. Our carefully curated collection is designed to empower beekeepers in the successful cultivation and management of queen bees. Explore our comprehensive selection of tools and kits, indispensable for the art of queen rearing, enabling you to propagate and sustain the vitality of your bee colonies effectively.


Queen Rearing Kits: Complete setups that encompass all the necessary tools for nurturing queens, ranging from grafting tools to queen cages.
Queen Marking Pens: Safely mark your queens for easy identification and age tracking within the hive.
Queen Cages: Securely transport and introduce new queens to your hives without causing harm.


Grafting Tools: Meticulously crafted instruments tailored to delicately handle larvae during the queen rearing process.
Incubators: Create a controlled environment for queen cells, ensuring optimal development.
Queen Excluders: Safeguard honey supers from queen egg-laying, maintaining a clear distinction between brood and honey production.

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