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How To Start Beekeeping?

How To Start Beekeeping? Many people around the world ask How to start a beekeeping business, so in this article, we will introduce something you want to know as a beekeeping beginner or just do a beekeeping plan. We wish we did accord with Multi Sweet Group’s purpose: Serve beekeepers and benefit people.  here is […]

How Is Flow Hive Work?

Beekeeping has been around for thousands of years, but in recent years, a new innovation has taken the beekeeping world by storm: the Flow Hive. the Flow Hive is a revolutionary new way of harvesting honey that has gained a significant following among beekeepers around the world. this article will introduce the flow hive design and how is it work today.

Honey Processing Plant Plan

Honey Processing Plant Plan Introduce Of Honey processing Honey processing involves the collection, extraction, filtration, and packaging of honey for human consumption. The process starts with the collection of honeycombs from beehives. The combs are then uncapped and placed in a honey extractor which spins them at high speed to remove the honey. The extracted […]

Beehive Frames

Multi-sweet Frames: Proudly Made in the China Our hive box components and Multi-sweet frames are constructed of 100% Chine Pine sourced, and milled at our woodenware plant. A frame holds the beeswax comb, or foundation, and provides strength and stability. Standard hive bodies and supers are built to accommodate ten frames and are available in […]

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