Beehive Frame Making Machine

  • Brand: Multi-Sweet
  • Use For:  Make Beehive Frames, DIY Bee Frame
  • Application: Langstroth Bee Frame/Dadan Bee Frame/Custom
  • Warranty: 2 Year


Introducing our high-quality and versatile beehive frame making machine designed for bee frame processing. With exceptional features and customizable functions, this portable bee frame forming machine is perfect for beekeeping. Read on to discover the outstanding advantages and benefits of our product.

Product Introduction:
  • Our Beehive Frame Making Machine is a revolutionary piece of equipment that simplifies creating bee frames.
  • Its compact size allows for easy storage and transportation, making it convenient to set up and use anywhere you need it.
  • An indispensable tool for designing and customizing bee frames, whether you’re a professional beekeeper or a hobbyist.

details of beehive frame making machine

Product Functions:
  • Our Beehive Frame Making Machine offers a wide range of functions to meet your specific bee frame requirements.
  • With its multifunction capabilities, you can effortlessly perform sidebar drilling holes, sidebar double-end grooving, side bar double-end edge milling, bottom bar double-end straight tenon forming, bottom bar grooving, top bar double-end grooving, top bar grooving, and top bar double-end L Tenon forming.
  • This machine provides you with the flexibility and precision needed to create high-quality bee frames.

beehive frame making machine

  1. Compact and Portable: The compact size of our machine makes it easy to store and transport, allowing you to set it up wherever you require it.
  2. Customizable Design: With the ability to design and customize your bee frames, you have full control over the specifications and dimensions.
  3. High-Quality Manufacturing: As a designated processing plant for many honey machine brands, we guarantee the quality and durability of our products.
  4. Warranty and Service: Enjoy a 2-year warranty and lifelong service, ensuring your investment is protected and supported throughout its lifespan.

MIni frame forming machine

Packing And Shipping:
  • Bee Frame-Making Machine:59*35*31cm,  30kg
  • We take great care in ensuring the safe delivery of our Beehive Frame Making Machine.
  • The inner basket is securely fixed to the beam using strapping tape, and spare parts are well placed in high-quality foam to prevent damage.
  • For small orders, delivery typically takes 7-10 days, while larger quantities may require 10-30 days.
  • We offer express shipping options such as EMS, DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, and air shipping, ensuring prompt and reliable delivery.
  • Additionally, we provide sea shipping services, handling all necessary documentation for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

packing & shipping & transporting

  • We offer a variety of convenient payment options to suit your preferences, including L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal, and others.
  • We prioritize your convenience and flexibility throughout the purchasing process.

payment methods

Company Information:
  • Multi-sweet Group is a professional apiculture company dedicated to bee product deep processing and the development of beekeeping tools.
  • Our expertise encompasses beekeeping services, equipment research and development, production and processing, and import and export trade.
  • As a trusted brand, we operate our own beehive machine processing plant, ensuring wholesale prices and high-quality products.
  • Our certifications include the customs license of foreign trade, national license of manufacturing industrial products (QS No. 411026010068), International Quality Management System ISO9001, HACCP certification, CE certification, and more.

about us-multi-sweet

Our services

  • With 20 years of professional manufacturing experience, we guarantee prompt delivery, competitive pricing, and high-quality products.
  • Our main markets include North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and Latin America. We provide comprehensive after-sales support, offering technical assistance for the entire lifespan of our machines.
  • Our dedicated team keeps you informed of every detail during transportation and promptly addresses any questions or concerns that may arise during transactions.
  • For further details about our Beehive Frame Making Machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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    Beehive Frame Making Machine

    Additional information

    Product name

    Beehive Frame Making Machine


    Single phase 220V 50Hz



    Suitable for

    Langstroth Bee Frame/Dadan Bee Frame/Custom


    5 knives, 1 drill

    Overall size




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