Learning how to start a bee smoker- is a basic skill for all beekeepers.

Start with high-quality bee smokers
Smoking bees are one of the most important tools for working with a group of bees. Multi-Sweet Group Bee Smoker stainless steel with wire protection,leather bellows。

Use the right fuel
To be effective, bee smokers need to fill with appropriate fuel to produce smoke. Many types of fuel can be used to start your bee smokers, such as newspapers, dried leaves, pine needles, burlap, or corn cobs.

Start smoking from the bottom
No matter which fuel you use, the most important principle is to keep the flame under the fuel when starting the bee smoker. Start with a small amount of fuel of your choice, ignite it from below, and then carefully place it in the smoke chamber. While squeezing a uniform and even smoke, add a small amount of fuel to the bee smoker to obtain dense, cool smoke.

Use the Smokers
When conducting a honeycomb inspection, first squeeze the bellows to make a few smoke at the beehive entrance. Next, lift the beehive cover and make a few smoke under the beehive cover to Drive out bees on top of the bee frame. Use the hive tool to carefully open the beehive lid, after removing the lid,make a few smoke are enough to keep the small bees calm for inspection. When working in a beehive,have many bees may still need to same make smoke again.

Learning how to start a bee smoker- is a basic skill for all beekeepers.

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