Beehive Frames

Multi-sweet Frames: Proudly Made in the China
Our hive box components and Multi-sweet frames are constructed of 100% Chine Pine sourced, and milled at our woodenware plant.

A frame holds the beeswax comb, or foundation, and provides strength and stability. Standard hive bodies and supers are built to accommodate ten frames and are available in different sizes to fit the depth of the hive body or super:

48.3*44.8*23.2cm Frame size for 48.3*44.8*23.2 cm Hive Body or Deep Super
48.3*44.8*15.9cm Frame size for 48.3*44.8*15.9 cm Medium Super
Frame Components
Four parts comprise a typical beehive frame: a top bar, bottom bar, and two end bars. Multi-sweet frames feature a ½” thick bottom bar and a full ¾” thick top bar along with strong end bars comprised of more wood than others on the market.

Multi-sweet ships frames with grooved bottom bars, unless otherwise specified when ordering. However, there are two styles available for the top bar: wedge or grooved.

Wedge Top Bar
Frames with a wedge top bar include a wooden wedge that can be removed with a utility knife. Set your chosen foundation in place and nail or staple the wedge back in place to “wedge” the foundation against the wooden frame, securing it in position.

Grooved Top Bar
The groove on a grooved top bar allows the foundation to be snapped into the preassembled wooden frame. This type of frame works best with more rigid types of foundation.

Beehive Frames

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