Are Flowing Hive Worth It?

Are Flowing Hive Worth It?

Now the flow hive is must be the most popular bee hive, It has more advantages than a traditional beehive, but Some beekeepers have a complaint about the disadvantages of the flowing hive system, such as leaks or bees not accepting the new frames, they don’t eliminate the need for other beekeeping practices like regular hive inspections, pest management, and disease prevention., and it is expensive than other bee boxes as so on. This article will tell you if is it worth buying a flowing beehive.

is it worth buying flowing hive

The difference between flow hives & traditional hives

Honey harvesting process:

The main difference between autoflow hives and other types of beehives is the honey harvesting process. Traditional beehives have frames with honeycomb that must be removed from the hive and cut open to extract the honey. This process can be time-consuming, messy, and stressful for the bees. In contrast, flow hives have a special frame design that allows honey to be harvested without removing the frames or disturbing the bees.


Autoflow hives have a unique frame design that allows honey to flow out of the frames and into a collection jar. Traditional beehives have frames with honeycomb that must be cut open to extract the honey.


Flow hives can be more expensive than traditional beehives due to their unique design and technology.


Flowing hives require less maintenance than traditional beehives because the honey extraction process is less invasive. However, they still require regular maintenance and inspections to ensure the health and well-being of the bees.

Bee behavior:

Some beekeepers have reported that their bees take longer to accept the flow hive frames compared to traditional frames. However, once the bees have accepted the frames, they generally continue to use them without issue.


 Flow honey hives are generally considered more convenient than traditional beehives because they simplify the honey harvesting process. With a flow hive, beekeepers can harvest honey without suiting up in protective gear or using specialized tools.

auto flow hive

Are flowing hives worth it?

  • Flowing hives were invented in 2015, and they quickly gained popularity among beekeepers around the world.
  • The flow hive system consists of a special flow hive box that has partially formed honeycomb cells. When the frames are turned a certain way, the honey is released from the cells and flows down a tube into a collection jar. You can see the whole process of the honey flow into the jar, and the experience is amazing.
  • Flowing hives are designed to minimize disturbance to the bees during the honey harvesting process. Traditional methods of honey harvesting can be stressful for bees and can damage the honeycomb, which can lead to issues like disease and pests. In the harvest honey process of the Langstrosh hives, Dadant hives, and other hives, the honeycomb is cut open and the honey is extracted using various tools, Auto flow hives have a system of frames that can be turned to release honey directly into jars without your other operation, so it can offer less labor-intensive Complex and repetitive human labor for the beekeeper.
  • Because flow hives are a newer technology, they can be more expensive than traditional beehives. However, the cost can be justified by the convenience and ease of use that flow hives provide.
  • It’s worth noting that while flow hives make honey harvesting easier

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Flow beehive

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Are Flowing Hive Worth It?

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