How To Get Beeswax From Flow Hive

How To Get Beeswax From Flow Hive?

Flow Hive is a type of beehive that allows beekeepers to collect honey without disturbing the bees. While beeswax is also produced by the bees in the automatic flow beehive, it is not collected in the same way as honey in a Flow Hive. Before knowing how to get beeswax from the flow hive, we will know how to get beeswax from a traditional beehive.

How To Get Beeswax From Flow Hive

How to get beeswax from a traditional hive

To collect beeswax, beekeepers typically need to remove the honeycomb frames from the hive and extract the wax from the comb. Here are the general steps to extract beeswax from a traditional beehive:

Remove the wax cappings

To remove the wax cappings from the honeycomb cells, beekeepers use a hot knife or uncapping tool. The hot knife is heated and then used to slice off the thin layer of wax that covers the honey. The uncapping tool has a serrated edge that can scrape off the wax cappings. Both tools require some skill to use effectively.

Honey & Beeswax centrifugal

Once the bee frames are uncapped, they are placed in an extractor, which is a machine that spins the bee frames and uses centrifugal force to extract the honey and beeswax. There are two types of extractors: tangential honey extractors and radial honey extractors. Tangential honey extractors extract one side of the frame at a time, while radial extractors extract both sides simultaneously. Radial extractors are more efficient but also more expensive.

autoflow hive

Filter beeswax

The honey and beeswax mixture extracted from the flowing frames needs to be filtered to separate the two substances. This can be done using a double-layered mesh filter or cheesecloth. The honey will pass through the filter, leaving behind the beeswax.

Remove impurities

To remove any impurities from the beeswax, it needs to be melted and filtered again. This can be done by melting the wax in a double boiler or a solar wax melter and pouring it through a filter. The melted wax can then be poured into molds or containers to cool and solidify.

Beeswax application:

Beeswax has many uses, including making candles, cosmetics, and furniture polish. It’s important to use high-quality beeswax that is free of impurities to ensure that the end product is of good quality.

has many uses, including making candles, cosmetics, and furniture polish. It’s important to use high-quality beeswax that is free of impurities to ensure that the end product is of good quality.

Flow Beehive& Frame

How to get beeswax from Flow Hive

  1. Wait until the honey flow has finished and the bees have capped the honey cells in the Flow Frames.
  2. Remove the Flow Frames from the hive and use the Flow Key to unlock the cells. This will cause the honey to flow out of the cells and into a collection jar.
  3. Once all the honey has been harvested, you can remove the wax cappings from the Flow Frames. You can use a capping scratcher or hot knife to remove the cappings.
  4. Place the cappings in a wax melting pot or a double boiler. Heat the wax gently until it melts.
  5. Once the wax has melted, strain it through a cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer to remove any impurities like bee parts, propolis, or debris.
  6. Pour the melted wax into clean molds or containers, and allow it to cool and solidify.
  7. Once the wax has solidified, you can remove it from the molds or containers and use it for various purposes like making candles, lip balm, or other beeswax products.
Flow Beehive

Multi Sweet Autoflow Hive

Multi Sweet Autoflow Hive is an automatic flow bee hive manufactured by Multi Sweet Group. The auto-flow bee hives use automatic nectar flow technology, making honey collection easier, less work, and less disturbance for the bees. It features no need to open the whole hive, just turn a switch to flow honey into a centralized liquid bucket. This can also help control the spread of bee pests and diseases and reduce bee mortality.

Some people are worried that the Multi Sweet Autoflow Hive is made in China. Will it be of poor quality and materials? Multi Sweet Autoflow Hive uses the Fine New Zealand pine, food-grade plastic autoflow hive flame.

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How To Get Beeswax From Flow Hive

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