A Guide for Oxalic Acid Evaporator

A Guide for Oxalic Acid Evaporator

Multi-sweet, a trusted manufacturer and factory of beekeeping tools and equipment has been catering to the specific needs of beekeepers for 20 years. In this article, we will introduce the Oxalic Acid evaporator, a reliable tool for treating Varroa mites.

A Guide for Oxalic Acid Evaporator

Threat of Varroa Mites

Varroa mites pose a dual threat to bees, targeting them in two stages of their life. The mites can attack the brood of bees, sucking on their fats and body juices while they were when they were larvae. This weakens the new bees, which will result in malformation such as deformed wings. On the other hand, Varroa mites climb onto adult bees, Inhabiting the upper side of the thorax behind the head, further weakening the honey bees.

One common method is to use an Oxalic acid vaporization. Alternating treatments with oxalic acid and other control methods can help prevent the mites from developing resistance.

Varroa Mites

Multi-sweet Oxalic Acid Evaporator

The multi-sweet Oxalic Acid evaporator is an essential piece of equipment for treating Varroa mite infestations. The earlier the varroa problem is dealt with, the less damage will be done to bees and honey production.

Multi-sweet Oxalic Acid evaporator features a shaped human science wooden handle for ease of handling. Made from durable materials, this evaporator is reliable for treating many hives.

The evaporator is user-friendly for both professional beekeepers and beginners facing their first Varroa mite problem. For beginners, it is more efficient for fewer hives.

Useful of Evaporator

The oxalic acid evaporator is easy to use: the power supply is convenient, the oxalic acid evaporator uses 12V DC, the battery of many appliances can provide power for it, and the power consumption is small. And easy to use.

Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

How to Use the Evaporator

  1. Put some oxalic acid on the oxalic acid evaporator
  2. Insert the evaporator into the hive from the bottom hive entrance and seal other entrances, cracks, screens, or Spaces to prevent oxalic acid vapors from escaping.
  3. Power the evaporator and wait for the oxalic acid to evaporate completely.
  4. When all the oxalic acid has evaporated, cut off the power supply of the evaporator
  5. Remove the evaporator from the beehive
  6. Keep the hives sealed for 10 minutes or more to ensure that the oxalic acid is effectively diffused throughout the hive。
  7. if you have more beehives, repeat the ways.

Oxalic Acid Vaporizer


For beekeepers, especially those starting, the Oxalic Acid evaporator is an Essential beekeeping tool, we also have a video on how to use it, Contact us now.

A Guide for Oxalic Acid Evaporator

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