Where can I buy honey extractor

When you start beekeeping, you will face an question: harvesting honey. In order to get honey, you need tools to remove the covers of cells and extract honey.

So how to choose a good honey extractor as beekeeper?

First, you need know how many hives do you have. After that , you can choose which kind of honey extractor: manual or electric. If hives is little ,choose manual and frame quantity under 4 frame. Because it is easy to do when you extracting honeycomb.

Second, if you have many hives, you need choose electric type. You can buy 4 frame,8 frame,12 frame,20 frame,30 frame,40 frame and more.

Multi-sweet group can offer high quality honey extractors for you. Any interested in honey extractor, please contact us now.

Where can I buy honey extractor
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