Painted NUC Box

Painted nuc bee box Wooden nuc box complete

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Product parameters of the Painted nuc box

Mating box are used for raising queens, swarm capture boxes and starter honey bee hives.
You can place a frame with queen cells in the Nuc Box to have the queen hatch without the fear of the old queen destroying the cell.
When swarm season is in full swing, you can place a swarm lure or attractant to capture the honey bee swarms that may come from your bee yard.
Some beekeepers sell honey bees in nuc boxes to beginners to give their bees a strong start

A “nuc” box in it’s most basically used form is used to build up what we call a “nucleus” colony. This means that a beekeeper will transfer bees from a source such as a package they purchased or maybe a swarm they caught into a nuc box to help those bees get a head start to building a new nest inside the nuc box.

1. Light weight, Non-toxic, Pollution free, Water/moisture resistant
2. Multi-functional bee entrance
3. Eco-friendly, recyclable/reusable, size flexible
4. Easy to print, good chemical resistant.
5. Easy to clean and maintain,
6. Color: normaly is White, but we can do as you request, so blue, green,brown yellow,orange,pink are also avaliable.





Painted NUC Box
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