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Product parameters of  Mating nuc box

Queen mating nucs are smaller-sized hives from which a queen emerges from her cell, goes on her mating flight, and returns to begin to lay. These are smaller sized so it is easier to find (or “catch”) the queen to move her to another hive or to prepare to sell.

Multi-sweet offers two mating nuc systems, one polystyrene version , and one wooden mating box.

mating box

This mating nuc box can raise 4 queen bees at the same time, there are five grids inside, one queen can be raised around each,

each grid has a bee entrance on the side ,4 ventilation holes at the bottom, and 2 frames, the middle grid is placed It is a feeder (divided into four small grids)

and can be used by 4 bee colonies.

mating box

Parameters of mating box:
Length: 32cm
Width: 32cm
Height: 20cm
Cover height: 3.5cm
Internal overall width: 28cm
Internal nest frame length: 12.5cm
Feeder length: 25cm


New Mating nuc box
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