Observing Bees By Langstroth Beehive With Windows

Observing Bees By Langstroth Beehive With Windows

The Multi-sweet Langstroth beehive with Windows is a standard Langstroth beehive that comes with two observation windows. These windows provide you with an optimal viewpoint to observe the bees. It serves as a valuable tool that allows you to observe and understand the mysteries of bee behavior without disturbing their activities.

Observing Bees By Langstroth Beehive With Windows

By observing the Langstroth beehive with Windows, you can discover the location and manner in which the queen bee lays her eggs. You can witness the development of the larvae from eggs to larvae and then to pupae. You can also observe dozens of bees biting off the caps of their cells and struggling to emerge. All the activities carried out by the bees become visible: the worker bees tending to the larvae and queen, foraging, dancing, cleaning, fanning, and constructing the honeycomb. This type of beehive also allows us to see how bees utilize space: how they allocate honey, pollen, and brood percentages, and where they store these resources. By observing the beehive, you can gain insight into how bees deal with various parasites, pests, and predators. You also have the opportunity to observe the behavior of the colony, such as swarming, and witness the queen’s rearing in various circumstances. Additionally, you can assess the effectiveness of your interventions, such as feeding, queen excluders, mite treatments, wax moth control, small hive beetle management, and more.

langstroth beehive with window

Observing the beehive enables beekeepers to see a bigger picture—the seasonal cycle overview of the colony: the bees’ activities during spring, summer, autumn, and winter; the variations in brood quantity, resource consumption, and replenishment, population size, foraging activity, and more throughout the year. With the continuous operation of the observation beehive, the interannual changes of these events become evident.

Finally, an observation beehive caters to the curiosity of children who wonder how bees work. Other beekeepers, curious about what they might have missed, will enjoy watching your bees. Neighbors might be curious and even bring visitors to see the bees. When you have visitors such as relatives, guests, mail carriers, or repair personnel at your house, many of them will want to take a look, and some may even want to snap a few pictures.

langstroth hive with windows

To learn more about the Multi-sweet Langstroth beehive with Windows, contact us now! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have a closer look at bees.

Observing Bees By Langstroth Beehive With Windows

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