Multi-sweet Customized Honey Filling Line

Multi-sweet Customized Honey Filling Line

If you’re in the honey production industry, you need a honey filling line to automate your honey packaging process.

fully automatic honey processing line

1. Bottle Unscrambler:

Our bottle unscrambler ensures a continuous, regular, and automatic supply of empty plastic bottles to the filling production line. Seamlessly connecting with the filling production line.

2. Bottle Washing Machine:

The rotary disk bottle washing machine is designed to clean glass containers thoroughly. With 24 pallets and an output of 1800 pieces per hour, it offers excellent capacity. It accommodates bottle diameters ranging from 30mm to 90mm and heights from 100mm to 350mm. Its efficient water supply system ensures effective cleaning.

3. Drying Machine:

After the washing process, our drying machine removes moisture from wet honey bottles. Equipped with a crawler system, it transports the bottles through the drying tunnel, where hot air evaporates the moisture. With adjustable transmission speed, temperature range, and a power supply of three-phase 380V 50Hz, it ensures drying results.

4. Honey Filling Machine:

Our honey filling machine is to realize fills honey into bottles. With 2-6 heads and a production capacity of 3-9 tons per day, it provides a solution for high-volume production. Each filling head can fill 100-1000ml per cycle, and the machine operates at a speed of 6 times per minute. Its compact size and weight make it easy to integrate into your production line.

4 Nozzles Filling Machine

5. Light Inspection Machine:

To ensure the highest quality standards, our light inspection machine examines honey bottles for impurities. Compatible with bottles of various heights and equipped with a 220V 0.5kW power supply, this machine is an essential component in maintaining product integrity.

6. Capping Machine:
Our automatic capping machine efficiently seals honey bottles with ease. With four rubbing heads and compatibility with bottle cap diameters of up to 100mm and heights of up to 300mm, it ensures secure and reliable sealing. The machine operates at a production capacity of 20-30 bottles per minute, it is a necessary equipment for your packaging process.

7. Aluminium Foil Sealing Machine:

For additional sealing requirements, our aluminum foil sealing machine offers a reliable solution. With a sealing speed of up to 150 bottles per minute and an induction frequency of 60-80Khz, it provides efficient and consistent sealing. Designed to accommodate caps with diameters of up to 100mm and bottle heights of up to 300mm, it ensures the integrity of your honey products.

Aluminium Foil Sealing Machine

8. Labeling Machine:

Our automatic labeling machine simplifies the labeling process for round bottles. With a production capacity of 50 bottles per minute, it accommodates bottles with diameters of up to 100mm and heights of up to 300mm.

9. Inkjet Printer:

To meet your product coding needs, our inkjet printer offers exceptional versatility and precision. With adjustable printing height, distance, and accuracy, it enables you to customize and print detailed information on your honey bottles. The printer is equipped with a variety of ink cartridge colors and a rechargeable lithium battery for convenience.

Company Information:

Multi-sweet Group is a leading apiculture company specializing in bee product processing and beekeeping tool development. With 20 years of professional manufacturing experience, we offer prompt delivery, competitive prices, and high-quality products.

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With our comprehensive range of machines, including the bottle unscrambler, bottle washing machine, drying machine, honey filling machine, light inspection machine, capping machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, labeling machine, and inkjet printer, you can maintain high product quality. Contact us today to learn more about our honey filling line.

Multi-sweet Customized Honey Filling Line

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