Introduction Of Flow Hive

Introduction Of Flow Hive

In this article, we will introduce auto flow beehives, designed to revolutionize the way beekeepers harvest honey while minimizing disturbance to their precious bees. Whether you’re an experienced beekeeper or just starting beekeeping, flow hive is suitable for you.

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Multi-sweet is the most reliable manufacturer in China: This innovative beehive can also be effortlessly converted into a standard Langstroth beehive, accommodating up to 10 frames per box.
Auto flow beehive is suited for both seasoned beekeepers and beginners eager to embrace flow technology. Turn a flow key, you can simply insert it into the frame and give it a 900-degree turn. This simple action breaks the frame seals, allowing honey to flow. To collect the honey, ensure you have a safe, clean, and food-grade container that can accommodate the entire harvest. Alternatively, you can use multiple small containers to package the honey directly from the auto flow beehive. Rest assured, the honey collected from this process is clean and free from bee brood.

Auto Flow Beehive uses high-grade materials for both its plastic and wooden components. The flow frames and other plastic parts are made from food-grade plastics, ensuring honey safety for humans. The beehive is strong, so it’ll last for years and provide an excellent living space for your honeybee colony.

Equipped with a tap for regulating honey flow during harvesting, the flow frames in this beehive offer beekeepers peace of mind, knowing they have a high-quality product that will enhance their apiary’s yields.

This flow hive with a bee house design, and features a wooden roof that slants gently from the middle peak to the sides. The tight fit of the wooden sides ensures minimal exposure to light, wind, and other undesirable weather elements. Additionally, this Flow Hive includes a queen excluder, adding further convenience.
Installing and using auto flow technology is a breeze, requiring no prior beekeeping knowledge or technical expertise. Beginners and professionals alike can use this beehive with outstanding results.

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Characteristics of Flow Hive

1. Ensures Bee Safety and Minimizes Disturbance: The auto flow hive prevents injuries and disturbances to bees during honey harvesting. By using flow technology, beekeepers can extract honey without the need to open up the hive, reducing stress and maintaining the natural rhythm of the colony.

2. Durability and Protection: This beehive is built to withstand the elements, featuring a roof that effectively drains water and snow away from the sides.

3. Easy Inspections: The beehive incorporates convenient viewing windows on the sides of the beehive boxes, allowing beekeepers to observe their colonies without disrupting them. Early detection of pests and diseases becomes effortless with these accessible ports.

4. Pure Honey Harvesting: With this beehive, you can harvest pure honey without brood.

5. Cold Weather Resilience: The flow frames used in the beehive are unaffected by cold weather. During winter, you can leave the frames in the beehive to serve as honey reserves for your bees. If you choose to remove the frames, cleaning them with warm water and storing them in a cool, dry place ensures their longevity. The included queen excluder adds an extra layer of functionality.

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Advantages of auto flow beehive:

1. Minimal Disruption: Harvesting honey with an auto flow beehive minimizes disturbance to the honeybee colony.

2. Preserve Honeycomb Structure: Harvesting honey with flow frames eliminates the need for uncapping or removing frames from the beehive. So the bee frame is not easily broken. It is not necessary to change the bee frame frequently to allow the bees to build a new nest
3. Convenience and Time-Saving: With a simple turn of the flow key, honey flows directly into your collection container, eliminating the need for manual extraction.

4. Increased Honey Production: The convenience of an auto flow beehive encourages more frequent honey harvesting, which leads to higher honey production throughout the season. This allows beekeepers to enjoy a harvest without negatively impacting the bees.

5. Beginner-Friendly: Auto flow beehives are particularly beneficial for novice beekeepers who may be hesitant or unfamiliar with traditional honey extraction methods.

6. Educational Value: Observing the honey extraction process through the transparent flow frames provides an educational opportunity for beekeepers of all levels.

7. Sustainable Beekeeping: Auto flow beehives promote sustainable beekeeping practices by reducing the stress on bees and minimizing the use of resources such as beekeeping equipment, electricity, and water typically required for traditional honey extraction methods.

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Note: It is important to note that while auto flow beehives offer numerous advantages, they should not replace essential beekeeping practices and responsibilities.

In conclusion, Multi-sweet auto flow beehives with durable construction, ease of use, and the ability to preserve honeycomb structure, these beehives are a valuable addition to any apiary. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave us a message.

Introduction Of Flow Hive

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