How To Put Wax Foundation On Frames

How To Put Wax Foundation On Frames

While both wax and plastic bee foundation have their advantages and disadvantages, we will share how to install the wax foundations in frames. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install wax foundations in frames.

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How To Put Wax Foundation On Frames

Step 1: Gather the necessary tools

including a hammer, frame wire, assembled frame, eyelets, eyelet punch, needle-nose or lineman’s pliers, and 5/8-inch nails. Arrange the tools in an organized and accessible manner.

Step 2: Nail the eyelets into the sides of the frame

This prevents the frame wire from digging into the frame wood. A deep frame should have four eyelets on each side.
– Create holes for the eyelets using a suitably sized nail or small drill bit. Ensure the eyelets are placed in the middle or centerline of the sidebar.

Step 3: Drive in nail

Partially hammer one 5/8-inch nail into the top bar near the other nails used to join the top bar and sidebar.
Repeat the process on the same side, partially hammering another nail into the bottom bar near the nails used to hold the frame bottom and sidebars together.

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Step 4: Thread the wire through the hole

Pass the frame wire through the eyelets in the sidebars of the frame. Start by threading the wire through one upper eyelet on the side where you partially hammered the nails.
– The wire should run across the frame to the eyelet on the opposite sidebar, down that sidebar, and through the next eyelet. Then, it moves to the first sidebar, down that sidebar, and through the next eyelet.
– Repeat this process until the wire is threaded through all the eyelets.

Step 5: Wrap the wire around the nail

Loop the wire around one end of the beehive frame’s nail a few times and fully hammer in the nail. Ensure the loop rests securely against or on the side of the frame.
– Remove any excess wire by breaking it off at the hammered-in nail.

Step 6 – Embedding Wax Foundation

After wiring your frame, you can proceed to lay the wax foundation onto it and embed it. Handle the wax foundation with care as it can break easily.
– Gently pass the foundation between the wires of your frame, ensuring it aligns with the honeycomb cell pattern already formed in the wax.
– To embed the wire, you can use embedders or heat the wire and gently press the foundation into it. Wire embedders, featuring grooved wheels and heating elements, are a popular choice. Alternatively, you can use internally heated embedders that operate on 12 Volts or 24 Volts.
– Run the embedder along the frame wire, pressing the wire into the wax to ensure a secure attachment.
– It’s best to perform the wire embedding process in a heated room, taking care not to overheat the tools or melt the wax foundation. The foundation should extend from the bottom bar to the top bar, following the grooves on the bars. The top bar wedge cleat can be used to hold the foundation in place if using a wax foundation.

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Cleaning and Reusing Frames

To maintain the hygiene of your beehive frames and repurpose old wax, periodic cleaning is necessary. Removing old wax prevents the accumulation of chemicals and spores that could harm your bees. The removed dark comb can be used to produce candles and wax soap. Follow these steps to clean and reuse your Langstroth frames:

– Clean the frames by using water and Clorox bleach solution (1 part bleach to 9 parts water). Scrub the frames thoroughly to remove any debris and wax residue.
– Rinse the frames with clean water to remove any remaining bleach.
– Allow the frames to air dry completely before reassembling them.

After cleaning, you can reuse the frames by installing a new foundation or using an existing foundation that is in good condition. If the foundation is damaged or heavily soiled, it’s best to replace it with a new foundation to ensure the bees have a clean and healthy environment to build their comb.

how to install wax foundation

By following these steps, you can create your Langstroth frames for beekeeping. Whether you choose plastic or wax foundation, it’s important to provide a solid and straight guide for your bees to build their comb.

How To Put Wax Foundation On Frames

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