How to Harvest Honey Without an Extractor

How to Harvest Honey Without an Extractor Harvesting honey from beehives is an important process for beekeepers, but not everyone harvests honey from a honey extractor. Whether it’s due to budget or to avoid damaging the honeycomb, there are alternative methods that can be used to extract honey without an extractor. In this article, we […]

Paste Filling Machine Review

Paste Filling Machine Review Are you tired of manual filling that is time-consuming and inconsistent? Learn about the Multi-sweet Automatic Paste Filling Machine. This machine ensures accurate filling without the fatigue associated with manual labor. this honey filling machine is perfect for small honey farms and home use, it not only can fill honey, but it […]

How Do You Dehydrate Honey?

How Do You Dehydrate Honey What is Honey Dehydration:Honey dehydration is the process of reducing the water content in honey, ensuring its longevity, quality, and ease of storage. By removing excess moisture, honey becomes less susceptible to fermentation and microbial growth, extending its shelf life and preserving its inherent characteristics. What is a Honey Dehydrate […]

How To Make Flow Frame

How To Make Flow Frame Are you looking for a bee frame for your Flow Hive? Consider Multi-sweet Flow Frame, Multi-sweet is a trusted manufacturer of beekeeping equipment with more than 20 years of experience in beekeeping equipment, so we know the needs of beekeepers worldwide. The Flow Frame is made using high-quality materials to […]

How should I choose Langstroth: 10 Frame or 8 Frame

How should I choose Langstroth: 10 Frame or 8 Frame Langstroth beehive component: The Langstroth beehive is a popular hive design used in modern beekeeping. It consists of vertically stacked boxes or “supers” with removable frames that hold the beeswax comb. The dimensions of a Langstroth hive can vary slightly depending on the region and manufacturer, […]

Making Your Beehive Frames with Multi-sweet Beehive Frame Making Machine

Making Your Bee Frames with Multi-sweet Beehive Frame Making Machine Are you a beekeeper who would like to do your bee frame? Look at our state-of-the-art Beehive Frame Making Machine. This multifunctional machine offers a wide range of capabilities and can meet all your bee frame processes. With its user-friendly design, bee frame making is […]

Beginner Beekeeping Supplies

Beginner Beekeeping Supplies Whether you’re a hobbyist or a Professional beekeeper, getting the right beekeeping equipment is a successful start. Beekeeping Starter Kits include: Beehive Starter Kit Set: a wax-coated fully assembled deep beehive, such as the 1-layer, 2-layer, or 3-layer beehive. You have an option from the Langstroth beehive, Dadant beehive, top bar hive, […]

Discover the Finest Honey Harvest Equipment for Your Beekeeping Needs

User-friendly Honey Harvest Equipment for Your Beekeeping When it comes to honey harvesting, beekeepers understand the value of efficient and reliable equipment. At Honey Harvest, we provide a comprehensive range of high-quality honey harvest equipment designed to make your extraction process seamless and rewarding. Our collection includes everything you need, from uncapping tools to filtering […]

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