Reinforcement Straightening and Cutting Machine

Automatic Steel Bar Straight Cutting Machine with Stable Performance


Products description for the Reinforcement Straightening and Cutting Machine

1 CNC Automatic Reinforcement Straightening and Cutting Machine is a machine for straightening and cutting steel bars under 12mm in diameter. The cutting length can be customized according to customer requirements.
2 Straight cutting machine is widely used in stainless steel wire, cold drawing wire, galvanized wire, iron wire, steel wire, aluminum wire, water pumping wire, steel and so on.
3 The straight cutting machine has the characteristics of fast speed, small error, no running, reasonable structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable, etc. It can be widely used in various fields of hardware products, handicrafts, daily necessities  production and construction industry.
4 It is composed of straightening cylinder,pulling mechanism,cutting machanism,fixed length steel frame,frame and driving device.

Working principle
CNC Automatic Reinforcement Straightening and Cutting Machine working principle is driven by the motor through the belt speed, so that the aligning cylinder high-speed rotation,through the aligning cylinder of the steel bar is straightened,and by the aligning mold to remove the rust on the surface of the steel bar; by the motor through another pair of deceleration belt transmission and gear reducer,on the one hand drive two transfer pressure roller,traction steel forward movement,on the other hand drive crank wheel,so that the hammer head down the movement.when the steel bar is adjusted to a predetermined length,the hammer head hammers the upper tool holder and cuts off the steel bar.When the steel bar is cuts off and falls into the receviving frame,due to the action of the spring,the tool holder returns to its original position to compelete the cycle.

Technical parameters

CNC automatic reinforcement straightening and cutting machine

Steel bar straightening and cutting machine
Working range4-12mm
Processing range300mm-99.99m
Working speed45m/min
Motor power14.5kw
Motor speed1440r/min
Machine weight880KG

1 Straight 4-12mm round steel bar and rebar.
2 Microcomputer control,automatic straightening,automatic length,automatically cut off.
3 Multiple batches simultaneously enter the length and number of computer memory.
4 Hydraulic cut,more accurate,more quiet.
5 An area of small,easy to install mobile.
6 Stable operation,low failure rate,easy maintenance,cheap accessories.

Our service

Pre-sale service
1 Assist customers to select suitable products according to the information provided by customers.
2 Making the machine according to your requirement.
Sale service
1 Provide the video to help you to learn about how the device works.
2 Help you to know the details of the key parts.
After-sales service
1 Guarantee for one year.
2 Quality problem,we will send you the accessories.
3 Professional and international experienced after-sales service team.


Reinforcement Straightening and Cutting Machine
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