Beehive Making Machine-Straight and Dovetail Machine

  • Brand: Multi-Sweet
  • Processing Width: 30-700mm
  • Plate Thickness: 5-35mm (thickness of the single board)
  • Use For: Bee Hive Making, Straight Tenon Making, Dovetail Tenon Making
  • Application: Apiculture, Small-Scale Bee Box Making Plant, Beekeepers
  • Warranty: 2 Year


Multi-sweet beehive-making machine straight& dovetail machine is a specialized woodworking machine. It creates precise both straight joints and dovetail joints on wooden boards. It constructs beehives, so it is called a bee box-making machine. These machines produce high-quality joints quickly and efficiently, making them an essential tool for commercial beekeepers and hobbyists alike.

Dovetail mortising machine

Product Introduction:
  • The joint produced by a beehive-making machine straight dovetail machine is a precise interlocking joint. It is commonly used in woodworking to join two pieces of wood at right angles.
  • The joint consists of a series of right-angle and trapezoidal-shaped pins and tails that interlock with each other to form a strong and durable joint.
  • The precise fit of the joint ensures that the beehive is well-constructed and will provide a safe and secure environment for the bees.
Dovetail Machine
Product Details:
  • The function of the beehive cutting machine is to create the straight joints and dovetail joints on the corners of the bee hive boxes.
  • The machine consists of a table or platform on which the wooden boards are placed, a cutting tool (usually a router or saw) that moves along a guide rail, and a mechanism for controlling the movement of the cutting tool.
  • The operator feeds the wooden board into the machine and positions it according to the desired joint type. The cutting tool is then activated, and it moves along the guide rail, cutting the straight joint and dovetail joint into the board.

Dovetail Machine
Dovetail Machine

Packing And Shipping:
  • Express shipping, sea shipping, and air shipping are both okay. We can help to arrange the goods with the most suitable transportation.
  • 1-7 days for sample order after we receive your money.
  • 7-20 days for large orders after we receive your prepayment.
How to pay:
  • L/C, T/T, Western Union, PayPal, D/A, D/P, etc
  • Delivery time:
  • For sample(1 set), about 7 days after receiving payment.
  • For small orders, generally 10 days after receiving payment.
  • For large quantities, typically 25 days after receiving payment.

packing & shipping & transporting

Beehive Making Line:
beehive product line
Company Information:
  • Multi-sweet Group is a professional apiculture company focusing on bee product deep processing and beekeeping tools development.
  • It integrates beekeeping service, equipment research and development, production & processing, and import & export trade.


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    Beehive Making Machine-Straight and Dovetail Machine

    Additional information

    Product name

    Dovetail & Straight Tenoning Machine

    Processing Width


    Plate Thickness

    5-35mm (thickness of single board)

    Tenon Spacing



    Three-Phase 380V 50Hz




    600 pcs/h

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