Multi Sweet Australia Bee Hive

Multi Sweet Wooden Australia Beehive Kit For Beekeeper

  • Brand: Multi-Sweet
  • Material: New Zealand Pine
  • Size: 8 Frames /10 Frames / Customized
  • Application: Beekeeping, Apiculture
  • Use For: Beekeeping Equipment,  Beehive


Product Introduction:
  • Australian beehive is easy to manage and maintain. The hive is typically designed to be compatible with standard Langstroth hive equipment, which makes it easy to find replacement parts and manage multiple hives.

  • Australian beehives is that it can be used for both honey production and pollination. Honey production can be significant because the bee hive can hold a large population of bees. Additionally, the zigzag comb design can be used to attract and release pollinators, making the bee hive a useful tool for farmers and gardeners.

  • Also, we have new Flow Hives, contact us to learn more.

Product Parameters:
Product nameAustralian beehive
MaterialNew Zealand Pine
AccessoriesUpper metal roof, upper cover,

double deep box and bottom box

Lever2 layers
Multi Sweet Australia Bee Hive
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