Mason Beehives

Mason Bee House

  • Brand: Multi-Sweet
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Color: Orange
  • Application: Beekeeping, Apiculture
  • Use For: Beekeeping Equipment,  Beehive
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Product Description:

Native bees are excellent native pollinators, and did you know that native bees need a house too? eco-friendly bamboo wooden mason bee house, Which can be simply hung on your house, garage, or outbuilding, and the bees will come! It is suited to be used as a Backyard beehive, native beehive, residential areas bee hive, or garden bee hive.

Mason Beehive

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Farms, Home Use, Retail, Beekeeping
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Mason beehive
Mason beehive
hive for bees
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Product Advantage:
  • Multi-sweet mason bee house is easy to use. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced gardener, these gentle and approachable bees are easy to raise in the multi-sweet mason beehives.
  • Hang the multi-sweet Mason Bee House in your yard and become a vital supporter of your local ecosystem’s health and productivity. These hole-nesting bees play an important role in nurturing plants and gardens, constituting a remarkable 25% of the bee population. By sustaining these essential pollinators, you contribute to the preservation of biodiversity in your area.
  • Multi-sweet Mason Bee House is made from eco-friendly materials, our bee house provides a safe and natural habitat for solitary bees. By choosing our product, you actively participate in the conservation of pollinators and the protection of our planet.

Mason Bee house

Packing & shipping & Payment:
  • 8pcs/carton
  • 44*27*37cm
  • 7.9kg
  • Within 7 working days of receiving your advance payment
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packing & shipping of Mason beehive

Multi-Sweet Group Composition:
  • Multi-sweet Group consists of:
    * Changge Multi-sweet Biotech Co., Ltd
    * Changge Sweet Beekeeping Co., Ltd
    * Changge Huakai Beekeeping Equipment Co., Ltd.
    One warehouse logistic park, and one marketing center:
    * Henan Multi-sweet Group Beekeeping Technology Co., Ltd
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  • Our workshop covers 40000 square meters. With more than one hundred and sixty staff.
  • Main products:
    We mainly deal with:
    (1) Beehive and frame.
    (2) Honey Extractor,
    (3) Beekeeping Tools,
    (4) Protective Clothing,
    (5) Honey & Wax Processing Machine,
    (6) Queen Rearing Supplies,
    (7) Beehive Making Machine,
    (8) Bee products.
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    Any interest, please contact us. We shall be glad to send the catalog and the best quotation. Looking forward to hearing from you soon
    and having you as a customer both now and in the future.
  • Certificate:
    The Multi-sweet acquires the customs license of foreign trade, a national license for manufacturing industrial products(QS No.
    411026010068), International Quality Management System of ISO9001, certification of HACCP, certification of CE, etc.

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    Mason Beehives

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    Weight7.6 kg
    Dimensions44 × 27 × 37 cm
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