Beehive Finger jointing machine

Beehive machine Automatic beehive finger joint machine for sale



Product Description for the Beehive Finger jointing machine

Automatic Beehive finger joint making beehive machine

This machine is for making finger joint of boxes. It is very useful and easy for factories.

Automatic Beehive finger joint machine,Only one person can complete the operation.

contact us I will send you an action video.We provide remote service support.

The beehive finger joint machine have 8 motors ,4 pcs (3kw) motors, 2 pcs (5.5kw) motors,
1 pcs (0.75kw) motors ,1 pcs (1.1kw) motors
Placement length615cm (customizable)
 Placement capacity30 pcs /19mm wooden board (customizable)
Power systempneumatic

 We specialize in beekeeping equipment suppliers, please contact us to confirm your exact needs, let us recommend the most suitable products for you.
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Beehive Finger jointing machine

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