Rebar Straightening and Cutting Machine

Rebar Straightening and Cutting Machine


Product Description for the Flat steel rebar straightening cutting machine for steel rod

1. The rebar straightening and cutting machine adopts a preset curing block to make the work of straightening and rebaring of steel bars more reliable and flexible, and it is convenient to change the program at any time without changing the hardware according to actual needs, to complete the production process and control of the process.
2. Mainly used in cement prefabricated component plants, cement products plants, construction sites, roads, railways, bridge construction, steel market and other units.
3. After the steel bar straightening and cutting machine, the surface of the reinforced steel bar after preparation is basically free from scratches, the strength loss is small, the straightness is good, the operation is simple, and the adjustment is convenient.

Main Application and Characteristic

1. The equipment is mainly used for automatically straighten round or flat wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, aluminum wire, copper wire, and cut automatically according to the preset length.
2. There are two kinds of models: Traditional Mechanical Model and Numerical Control Hydraulic Model.
3. “Traditional Mechanical Model Automatica Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine”, need to set the straightening and cutting length manually, then the machine will do that automatically.
Operation and maintenance are simple. It is mainly used for straightening and cutting the wire with diameter less than 10 mm and the maximum cutting length is less than 2 metres.
4. “Numerical Control Hydraulic Model Automatica Wire Straightening and Cutting machine”, processing performance is strong, almost can process any diameter, any length of wire, high degree of automation, automatically set straightening and cutting length, adopted with the safety device and automatic counting & stop system. Mainly used for straightening and cutting building cold-rolled steel wire and rebar, hot-rolled steel wire, hot-rolled round steel wire and cold-rolled steel bar etc…
5. According to customer requirements, can customized produce special kinds of straightening and cutting machine.
Technical Parameter

Numerical Control Hydraulic Model

Wire Diameter:4-12MM

Max Cutting Length:200-30000MM

Straightening Speed:20-50M/Min

Motor Power:3+3+10KW

Rebar Straightening and Cutting Machine
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