mating nuc box

Mating nuc box

  • Material: Polystyrene
  • Usage: bee mating boxes
  • Application: Beekeeping
  • Warranty: 2 Years


Product Introduction of the mating nuc box:

The Accessories:

1: Three frames

2:One escape nest door

3:One vent window /plastic panel.

4:One feeder /plastic panel

Advantage 1:

Single area queen rearing mating box. The universal standard of professional queen rearing bee farms. The design of the box is more consistent with the principle of bee biology. The Bees cluster are Spherical structures, using a small number of bees, can keep the tiny colonies in good development.

Advantage 2:

Excellent thermal insulation performance. Its excellent thermal insulation performance can make the tiny swarm of bees more resistant to heat and cold weather conditions

Advantage 3:

Save worker bees, low cost. The box structure is reasonable , Materials is advanced. You can rearing queens Continuously from early spring to late autumn, the main swarm of bees even can live through the winter independently.

Advantage 4:

High success rate and high quality of queen bee. Due to the relatively small number of worker bees, the growth rate and success rate of queen bee are superior to that of large groups. the bee cluster is spherical and is closer to the normal colony life, which is more favorable to feeding and protecting the queen bee and cultivating the quality of queen bee.

Product parameters of the mating nuc box:

NameMating nuc box
MaterialPolystyrene foam/Plastic
Frame3 frames

Mini Mating Box

Package of the mating nuc box:


24 set mating nuc box/carton

60*50*52cm , 12kg/carton


1-7 days for small orders, 7-15 for large orders. Small quantities will be shipped by air. For large quantities, will be shipped by sea.

packing & shipping & transporting

mating nuc box
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