Honey Extractor

Multi-sweet Honey Extractor For Beekeepers

  • Brand: Multi-Sweet
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Used For: Honey Centrifuge
  • Application: Honey Processing, Honey Harvest
  • Warranty: 2 Year


Are you looking for a high-quality honey extractor that can help you increase your honey production output while maintaining the quality and purity of your honey products?

Multi-sweet honey extractor factory has the solution you need. We offer a wide range of honey extractors to meet the needs of honey producers of all sizes, from small-scale apiculture hobbyists to large commercial honey production operations.

Product Introduction:
  • Multi-sweet honey extractors are made from high-quality materials and are designed for efficiency, durability, and ease of use. Our honey extractors are available in manual, electric, and motorized models, depending on your production needs.
  • They are equipped with stainless steel drums and frames, which are easy to clean and maintain, and are designed to handle a range of honeycomb sizes.
  • Multi-sweet honey extractors are also equipped with safety features such as locking mechanisms and emergency stops, ensuring that your production process is safe and accident-free. They are also designed to minimize damage to the honeycomb, ensuring that your honey products are of the highest quality.
  • At our honey extractor factory, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and support. Our team of experts can help you choose the right extractor for your production needs, and provide advice on how to optimize your production process for maximum efficiency and profitability.
  • Investing in our honey extractors can help you increase your honey production output, improve the quality of your honey products, and reduce labor costs. Contact us today to learn more about our honey extractors and how they can benefit your honey production process.

Product Details:
2 Frames stainless steel Honey Extractor2 frame manual honey extractor 3 frame manual honey extractor4 Frames Manual Honey Extractor4 frame manual honey extractor
6 frames Honey Extractor6 frame electric honey extractor8 Frames Electrical Honey Extractor8 frame electric honey extractor12 frame electric honey extractor
24 frame electric honey extractor40 frame electric honey extractor72 frame electric honey extractor
2 Frames Electrical Honey Extractor (8)2 frame electric honey extractor3 Frames Electrical Honey Extractor3 frame electric honey extractor4 frame electric honey extractor
Multi-sweet Manual Extractor VS Others’ Extractor:
  • We know what you need.

multi sweet honey extractor vs other extractor multi sweet honey extractor vs other extractor multi sweet honey extractor vs other extractor

Packing & Shipping & Payment:
  • Package: 1pcs electric honey extractor/carton
  • Shipping: Within 7 working days of receiving your advance payment
  • Express shipping: We will take care of the package and make sure it is all good after you get it.
  • EMS, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, and air shipping are all available.
  • Sea shipping: We can help book vessels, declare customs, and make docs so that you can get the goods smoothly at your sea port.
  • How to pay:
    • L/C, T/T, Western Union, PayPal, etc, D/A, D/P, etc
    • Delivery time:
    • for sample(1 set), about 7 days after receiving payment.
    • for small orders, generally 10 days after receiving payment.
    • for large quantities, generally 25 days after receiving payment.

packing & shipping & transporting
Our services

  • The largest manufacturer of beekeeping equipment
  • More than 30 years of experience in the beekeeping industry
  • Best quality with fast delivery
  • Professional sales and design team
  • Warranty:2 year
  • Best after-service teams

multi sweet honey extractor factory

The Certificate Of Multi Sweet:
  • Multi Sweet Honey Extractor is in strict accordance with international standards for Produce, quality assurance.

    Contact Us

    • Are You a Factory/Manufacturer Or Trading Company?
      We are a factory/manufacturer of beekeeping tools with over 30 years of experience.
    • What is your MOQ? Can we get a small order for the first time?
      MOQ: The honey extractor’s MOQ is 1 set. Small order is acceptable for the first time. please get in touch with us for the details.
    • How About The Shipping Cost?
      We will choose the most reasonable shipping fee, please get in touch with us for details.
    • Can The Price Be Cheaper?
      The price depends on your demand (shape, size, quantity). Usually, you can get better prices provided large orders.
    Honey Extractor

    Additional information

    2 frames manual honey extractor

    stainless steel, 2 frames, legs, manual, honey gate

    3 frames manual honey extractor

    stainless steel, 3 frames, legs, manual, honey gate

    4 frames manual honey extractor

    stainless steel, 4 frames, legs, manual, honey gate

    6 frames manual honey extractor

    stainless steel, 6 frames, legs, manual, honey gate

    8 frames manual honey extractor

    stainless steel, 8 frames, legs, manual, honey gate

    2/3/4/6 frames electric Honey extractor

    stainless steel, 2/3/4/6 frames, legs, electrical, honey gate, speed control

    8/12/24/48/72 frames electric Honey extractor

    stainless steel, 8/12/24/48/72 frames, legs, electrical, honey gate, frequency converters

    16/20/32/40 frames electric Honey extractor

    stainless steel, 16/20/32/40 frames, legs, electrical, honey gate, speed control

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