Manual type 4 frame honey extractor



1. Product introduction of 4 frame honey extractor

Type: Manual, Non-electric drive
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Material: 201 SS barrel, 304 SS inner basket
Barrel diameter: 47 cm
Barrel height: 60 cm
Inner basket size: 42*26 cm
Accessories: honey gear, with longer legs and plastic honey gate.
Special: Seamless welding for barrel

2. Product feature and application of the 4 frame honey extractor

Honey Extractor usage: The 4-frame honey extractor is a mechanical device used in the extraction of honey from honeycombs. It extracts the honey from the honey comb without destroying the comb. Honey extractor work by centrifugal force. A drum or container holds a frame basket which spins, flinging the honey out. With this method the wax comb stays intact within the frame and can be reused by the bees.

3. Product details of the 4 frame honey extractor

4. Delivery,shipping cost and payment

How to pay:
L/C, T/T, Western Union, PayPal etc.

Delivery time:
for sample(1 set), about 7 days after receiving payment.
for small order, generally 10 days after receiving payment.
for large quantity, generally 25 days after receiving payment.

Shipping cost:
1.Your shipping costs vary depending on what you purchase and where the product needs to be delivered.
2.Here at multi-sweet we have calculated the costs based on the size and weight of the item. Please be aware that larger packages would normally cost more to ship compared to smaller items. We try our best to make delivery and the products affordable for you, we only offer the fastest and cheapest delivery options for your convenience.


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Manual type 4 frame honey extractor
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