6 Frams honey extractor

6 Frame hand crank honey extractor deep frame extractor honey occasion is made of 304 stainless steel material



1.Product Description of the 6 Frams honey extractor

This 6 Frame hand crank honey extractor deep frame extractor honey occasion is made of stainless steel material.

The extraction unit has a clear plastic cover for easy viewing, sealed bearings and steel gears, making it almost

effortless to shake the honey, and a very simple assembly. The stainless steel water tank is easy to clean with warm soapy water.

Product feature:

(1) Using very durable material to make the crossbeam and legs, which prolongs the machine’s service life.

(2) Crossbeam. Punched precisely by CNC machine. Strengthened concentric axis stability.

(3) The space between frames and barrel is just one finger.

(4) Conical barrel bottom, less honey left, easy to clean.

(5) Stable stand legs.

(6) With screw. You can install it by hand without a wrench.

(7) Honey gate. The honey gate is fixed firmly in the barrel wall when sending you.

(8)  You don’t flip it back and forthYou don’t flip it back and forth

Show Details of the 6 Frams honey extractor

The standard extractor honey details are shown below.6 Frame hand crank honey extractor deep frame extractor honey

6 Frame hand crank honey extractor deep frame extractor honey

Product Parameters of the 6 Frams honey extractor

6 Frame  extractor honey deep frame extractor de miel occasion product parameters are as follows.

6 Frame hand crank honey extractor deep frame extractor honey

Honey extractor classification

Honey Extractor Catalog
Honey extractorManualstainless steel, 2 frames, legs, manual, honey gate
  stainless steel, 3 frames, legs, manual, honey gate
  stainless steel, 4 frames, legs, manual, honey gate
  stainless steel, 6 frames, legs, manual, honey gate
Honey extractorElectricstainless steel, 4frames, legs, electrical, honey gate,

speed control

  stainless steel, 6 frames, legs, electrical, honey gate,

speed control

  stainless steel, 8 frames, legs, electrical, honey gate, frequency converters
  stainless steel, 12 frames, legs, electrical, honey gate, frequency converters
  stainless steel, 16 frames, legs, electrical, honey gate, frequency converters
  stainless steel, 20 frames, legs, electrical, honey gate, frequency converters
  stainless steel, 24 frames, legs, electrical, honey gate, frequency converters
  stainless steel, 40 frames, legs, electrical, honey gate, frequency converters
  stainless steel, 72 frames, legs, electrical, honey gate, frequency converters

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6 Frams honey extractor
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