Beekeeping Tool Kit

Beekeeping Tool Kit

  • Brand: Multi-Sweet
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Nylon, and Wood
  • Used For:  honey harvest, queen bee marking
  • Application: Beekeeping Equipment
  • Warranty: 2 Year


Product Introduction:
  • Our 9-in-1 beekeeping honey harvesting tool kit encompasses all the essential tools required for honey extraction and queen bee marking.
  • Whether you are a beginner or an experienced beekeeper, this kit is suitable for all levels.
  • Each tool serves a specific function, ensuring efficiency and convenience in your beekeeping endeavors.

harvesting tool kit

Product Detail of Honye Harvesting:
  • Bee Hive Frame Grip: Sized at 4 3/4″ (L) x 4″(H), this grip allows for easy handling and extraction of bee hive frames.
  • Honey Filter Bag: Measuring 22 inches in length and 18 inches in width, this bag aids in the filtration process, ensuring the purity of the harvested honey.
  • Uncapping Fork: With dimensions of 7 1/2″ (L) x 2 1/2″ (W), this fork efficiently uncaps honeycombs for extraction.
  • Honey Gate Valve: Featuring an inner diameter of 1.47 inches, this valve provides controlled and convenient honey dispensing.
beekeeping tools for honey harvest
Product Detail of Queen Bee Marking:
  • Water Feeder: This safe and non-toxic feeder is easy to use and clean, ensuring the well-being of your bees.
  • Queen Bee Catcher: Made from high-quality plastic and metal, this durable tool allows for the safe capture of queen bees without harming them.
  • Queen Bee Marking Tube: Used for capturing and marking queen bees, this tube ensures accuracy and precision during the marking process.
  • Queen Bee Cage: This easy-to-use, durable cage provides a secure environment for queen bees and can be reused.


beekeeping tools for queen bee marking

  • Complete Tools: The kit provides a comprehensive set of tools needed for honey harvesting and queen bee marking, eliminating the hassle of purchasing individual items.
  • Quality Materials: All the tools in the kit are crafted from high-quality stainless steel, wood, or nylon, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Double Sieve Stainless Steel Honey Strainer: The included strainer enhances honey filtration by effectively removing impurities, resulting in pure and high-quality honey.
  • Beekeeping Essentials: This 9-in-1 kit covers all the essential tools required for beekeeping and honey harvesting, catering to the needs of every beekeeper.
  • Purchase Without Worry: We are committed to addressing any concerns promptly. Rest assured that we will provide you with a satisfactory resolution.

honey beginner beekeeper kit

Package and Shipping:
  • Packing: We carefully pack the items to safeguard against damage during transportation.
  • Delivery: For small orders, delivery takes approximately 7-10 days, while larger quantities may require 10-30 days.
  • Shipping: We offer express shipping through trusted services such as EMS, DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT. Air and sea shipping options are also available, enabling smooth delivery to your desired location.

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To provide convenience and flexibility, we offer various payment methods, including L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal, and others. Choose the option that suits you best.

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Factory Capacity:

factory catacity

Multi Sweet Company:
  • Multi-sweet Group is a professional apiculture company specializing in bee product deep processing and beekeeping tools development.
  • With over 20 years of experience, we offer a wide range of beekeeping services, including equipment research and development, production and processing, as well as import and export trade.
  • Our certifications include ISO9001 for International Quality Management System, HACCP, and CE certifications. We hold customs licenses for foreign trade and national licenses for manufacturing industrial products.

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    Beekeeping Tool Kit

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    Product Name

    Beekeeping Tool Kit


    Beekeeping Tool Kit

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    2.64 pounds


    10 x 2 x 3 inches


    2 Year

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