Beekeeping Smoker

Stainless steel beekeeping bee smoker


Stainless steel beekeeping bee smoker

  1. Model: S-2(M)
  2. Material: 201 Stainless Steel, can be equipped with inner tank, Aeration facilities
  3. Collector box: PVC,Leatheroid,
  4. Overall height: 28.5cm
  5. Barrel height: 19.3cm
  6. Barrel diameter: 10cm
  7. Weight: 736g


bee smoker specification:

1) The honeybee fear smog, meets the smog to be able to leave the person alert posture to be peaceful down and enenables you to safely inspect your beehive. The people use this characteristic to make the smog installment. It is the best tool to tames the honeybee.


2) Our bee smoker:

a. Manual bee smoker & bee smoker

b. American bee smoker & European bee smoker

c. Stainless steel / Galvanized material with Corium / Leatheroid bee smoker for your choice.

    d. Size of our bee smoker: Large,  Medium, Small

Beekeeping Smoker
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