plastic bee foundation

Plastic Bee Foundation

  • Size: Various sizes available [S (American Size): 425 x 125 mm, 96 g/pc, M (American Size): 425 x 141 mm, 96 g/pc, L (American Size): 425 x 212 mm, 159 g/pc, B (American Size): 42.5 x 280 mm]
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Usage: Suitable for shallow, medium, deep, and Dadant frames


Product introduction of the Plastic Bee Foundation

In order to enable the merit of the foundation to obtain the full display, must have the strict request to the foundation in quality:

  1. The plastic must be food-grade
  2. The foundation is a regular hexagon and the size must be accurate,
  3. The foundation is according to the specification size, the geometry angle must be neat
  4. The foundation production process, especially in each working procedure’s temperature control
  5. Must the standard, generate the foundation luster is bright, the room bottom is transparent foundation toughness is big, is not easy to extend the distortion

The foundation of a long store must be fully new

Simply it is more durable, more efficient, and more cost effective. Frames do not blow out in the extractor.

Product namePlastic foundation sheet
MaterialFood grade plastic
Size42.5*28.0cm(for Dadant frame)

425*125mm(or shallow frame)

425*141mm(for medium frame)

425*212mm(for deep frame)

FeatureAvailable in a variety of sizes,

Solid and durable

Product Services of the Plastic Bee Foundation

1. Extensive production experience for more than 20 years.
2. One of the largest manufacturers in China.
3. 8 years Alibaba Golden Supplier of our company.
4. 1-year warranty, professional design team, and best after-sale service.

5. Pictures with every step.
6. Details confirmed by email
7. Best service with email and telephone.

8. Exquisite documents.
9. Fast shipping with a reputed shipping line.
10. Mixed container, we can mix different items in one container.
11. Rich experience in exports, and great feedback on our products.

Product Packaging and shipping of the Plastic Bee Foundation


B size: 100pcs/carton , 45*45*30cm , 21.3kg

S size: 200pcs/carton , 44*44*44cm , 27kg

M size: 260pcs/carton , 45*45*45cm , 34kg

L size: 200pcs/carton , 45*45*45cm , 32kg


within 7 days after payment (less than 5000pcs )

packing & shipping & transporting

Multi-sweet Group has a very strong capability to produce high-quality bee products, and our long-term and reliable partnership with lots of logistic companies allows us to send goods to you fast at very favorable prices.

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