Assembled Bee Frame With iron wire

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Product Description of the Bee Frames

Beekeeping wooden Assembled Bee Frame With iron wire

Wood frame contain: groove top bar & bottom bar, holed two side bars.
High standard wood in one piece and uncoated.
Pull them from the box and put them right into your supers and onto your bees.
Standard sizes: Deep frame: 48.3*44.8*23.2cm Medium frame: 48.3*44.8*15.9cm or customed.

Material: Pine wood, iron wire.

Type: Assembled.

Size: Stand size for Langstroth beehive,Australia beehive, Dadant beehive. Can be customized.

beehive frame beehive frame beehive frame beehive frame

Parameters of the Bee Frames

Product name:
          Assembled Bee Frame With iron wire
Bee Farm
New Zealand pine wood frame with iron wire

Shipping of the Bee Frames

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Assembled Bee Frame With iron wire
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