Honey Bottling Valve Stainless Steel

This bottling valve will fit to any Multi-sweet equipment that has a stainless steel honey gate.
2 year warranty. Multi-sweet products are quality made in China.


1.Product parameters of Honey Gate

A solid, stainless steel, self closing, no-drip valve, threads. Rising plunger valve. Will fit tanks with 1′ male thread outlet directly with no adapters.

1. Installation method: G3/4 internal thread connection
2. Stop time: 1-2S
3. Filling speed: 1 L/min
4. Applicable materials: liquid, paste (without particulate matter)
5. Dimensions: 269*87*146 mm
6. Outer package size: 312*103*66 mm
7. Equipment weight: 950g
8. Packing type: carton

Honey Bottling Valve

Honey Bottling Valve Stainless Steel
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