Beeswax Foundation Machine


Description of beeswax foundation machine

1) Beeswax foundation machine is a type of beeswax coining mill machine, with a roller width of 310 mm, 250 mm, and 195 mm. The roller is made of high grade aluminum alloy.
2) Featured by no lead included, high precision, durable use, can product different kinds of beeswax sheet. The beeswax sheet it produced have hard compact and neatly.
3) Beeswax foundation machine can be called bee sheet machine, bee foundation roller, which is made of aluminum alloy. Until now, we have manual type, electrical type, table type, vertical type, and automatic production line. According to your requirements, there’s always suitable one for you. Besides, there’re many other related products for beekeeping industry, which catalog is available.

Parameters of beeswax foundation machine

Material: aluminum alloy
Cell size: 5.4 or 4.9 mm
Roller length: 310 mm,250 mm,195 mm
Cylinder diameter: 75 mm


Beeswax Foundation Machine
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