Beekeeping Equipment


Item: Bee box Model: B-25


Bee box multifunctional plastic hive:

Includes i) top cover ii) top feeder iii) inner cover iv) deep box v) excluder and vi) bottom

Material: HDPE and Two Layer Box.


  1. Top cover dimension L*H*W (53cm.8mm*9cm.4mm*43cm.6mm)
  2. Inner cover 505mm*405mm and 5 air circulators
  3. Excluder Dimension L*W (49cm*17cm) and at least 4 air circular and 16 holes for air pass.
  4. Top Feeder Dimension: W*L (40cm.6mm*50cm.6mm)
  5. Frame total 22 Dimension H*W(23*45cm) Top W(48cm)
  6. Deep box top 34cm (w)* 44cm.6mm(L)* 5cm.6mm(H)
  7. Bee box bottom Dimension W*L*H (44cm*57cm.3mm*12cm)
  8. Syrup cover- Dia 22cm and air circulation window H*W(1.14 inch* 4inch and 4 ventilator in bee box also 4 metal for honey frame support, entrance reducers long 6cm and dia inside 6cm and outside 8cm, round rotatable bee entrance 4 pcs- dia 21cm.6mm.
  9. In Bee box total 2 Hygrometer and one top side one weather sensor farmer can easily monitor temperature of bee box inside and outside RH.
  10. Hygrometer: Measuring temperature range: -50ºC~ 70ºC Temperature display resolution: ± 1 ºC Measuring humidity range:10% to 99% Humidity measurement accuracy: ± 5% Humidity sampling period: 10 seconds (1 minute) Rated voltage: DC1.5V Shape Diameter: 45.2MM Weight: 25g (without battery Dimension: 65*31*19MM
  11. Sensor is Easy to know current weather show in sensor Embedded opening size (1.90*1.10 inch) or fixed with double-sided tape. High Precision Display Sensor measurement accuracy: ±2, use minimum Two battery. Dimension H*W*L(16mm*35mm*48mm.
  12. Pollen traps plates Dimension L*W(49cm*17cm) 2 plates, square bee entrance dia 6.5mm, 6 pcs adjustable lock, pollen holder dimension L*W(46cm,2mm*36cm.6mm), Rotatable axis long 7cm, PVC partition L*W(49cm*24cm) Thickness 5mm. Queen excluder long 51cm and W 41cm, hole 3cm

Total Bee box Dimension 74cm*47cm*62cm suitable for length 510mm and 500mm

Pastic/wood frame (as per client requirement)

Item: Beekeeping Accessories Smoker: Model:S-2(M)


Material: SS201

Size: 29 CM *11CM

Collector box: PVC, (equipped with inner tank)

Aeration facilities

Honey keeping Cloths: Model: BH-2


Universal size

Shoulder top (Half type)

Material: Cotton

Bee Brush: Model:BB-5


Gentle rubbing (Wood/Plastic)

2 row hair

Uncapping fork: Model: HS-5M


Plastic handle


Needle type

Hive tool: Model: HT-6


Steel banded

Universal type

Item: Honey Extractor Model: EX-03S


3 Frame manual break
Barrel height: 62 CM
Diameter: 50 CM
Total height: 110 cm
Barrel body material: SS304
Sheet Thickness: 0.5mm
Legs: Short; Cover: 3mm
Top Bar: Flat bar 10mm

Beekeeping Equipment
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