Bee Venom Collector


Product Introduction:

Bee venom collection with lareger scale intergrated circuit,LCD display technology and advanced SMT components,The lithium ion battery has the advantage of small volume,light weight ,large capacity,etc.

1.the bee venom collector device stimulates the bee ot release venon by using the electrionic impulse.

2.the interval -automatic is propitious to let the bee escape from the electrical grid.

3.the bee venom collector time,running time and stop time can be adjusted freely,and the time can be stored,

4.when bee venom collector workds in another hive,you need to click the “function key” to make the machine work again,

5.It has charging protection and short circuit protection in the machine,

6.the 2 output ways can be adjusted separately

How to use the bee venom collector:

We can collect venom from early April to late September, this is the best time period for collecting. Also product collecting machine for beekeeping can be set when the hive has a 6-8 frame of brood because at that time colony has a sufficient number of young bees. The bee has the most venom on the 17th day of age.

We can put panel of bee venom collector collecting machine for beekeeping on the entrance of the hive, on the bottom board of the beehive, on the bee frames in the beehive, or instead of the frame inside the hive. Each of this positions has the good and bad sides.

To collect the venom we can use two ways of collecting: In the first way, you can collect the venom every 3-4 days at the same hive. Panel of product collecting machine for beekeeping placed on the entrance of the hive. We turn On a bee venom collector collecting machine for beekeeping and leave it on for 50-60 minutes, then turn Off for 25 minutes, and again turn it On for 50-60 minutes. After collecting we take off panel and scrape venom. Another way is to collect every 10 days, then bee venom collector collecting machine for beekeeping remains On for 3 hours at the entrance of hive and then we scrape the venom.



1set bee venom collector/carton

or according to your request


Shipping Detail:5-10 working days Sample shipping time:3-5 days

Port of loading:Qingdao or as your request

Payment:by L/C,T/T,Western Union,Paypal


1.We will answer your enquiry within 12 hours.

2.Warranty time: 1 year

3.We will send the English instruction manual and operate video of the machine for you.

4.After-sales service: We will follow up our customers all the time after selling out the machine and also can send technician abroad to help you install and adjust the large machine if needed.

5.Accessories: We supply the spare parts with competitive price when you need it.


Multi-sweet Group information:

Multi-sweet Group,founded in 2003,is a leading apiculture company specialized in beekeeping equipment manufacturing and marketing,bee products acquiring and processing,health products R&D and cross-border trading.

Multi-sweet Group is consist of three factories,one warehouse logistic park,one marketing center,one sales company and one overseas company,with more than one hundred and sixty staff.

Bee Venom Collector
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