Plastic nuc box bee queen mating box

Plastic bee queen mating nuc box,High-density HDPE material has good compression resistance, heat preservation and sun protection properties.



1.Product parameters of  bee queen mating nuc box

1. Small size and light weight, suitable for commercial beekeeping and
Recreational beekeeping can also be used as a king cage.
2. High-density HDPE material has good compression resistance,
Thermal insulation and sun protection properties.
3. Upper and lower double nest door design, queen bee, worker bee, ventilation
is three

4. There is an independent feeder at the rear of the box.
Feed is added to prevent bees from escaping.
The breeding box is equipped with a floating net, which is convenient for bees to crawl.
Prevent bees from drowning.
5. There are buckles on both sides of the breeding box, which can be freely
By combination, add box circles at will.

Components: 1 cover + 1 transparent observation board + 1 floating net + 1 feeder + 1 partition board + 4 nest frames + 1 main box + 1 round nest door + square nest 1 door + 1 base + 1 base
Suitable for beehives: Italian bee and Chinese bee (change the nest door)
Function: transfer queen bee, mate, raise queen;

Plastic nuc box bee queen mating box
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