4 frames honey extractor

Multi-Sweet 4 Frames Honey Extractor Manual& Electric Honey Centrifuge

  • Brand: Multi-Sweet
  • Material: Stainless Steel as so on
  • Used For: Honey Centrifuge
  • Application: Honey Processing, Honey Harvest
  • Warranty: 2 Yearproduct catalog


Product Introduction:

  • Multi-sweet 4 frames honey extractor with the ability to spin and extract honey from up to four frames at once, you’ll be able to process larger quantities of honey more efficiently and quickly than ever before.
  • The multi-sweet 4-frame honey extractor is made from high-quality and durable materials, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable tool for your beekeeping operation. The innovative design allows for easy and fast extraction of honey without damaging the honeycombs, making it a great choice for both novice and experienced beekeepers.
  • Whether you have a large number of bee hives to manage or just want to streamline your honey extraction process, our 4-frame honey extractor is the perfect tool for you. So why wait? Invest in this top-quality, efficient, and reliable honey extractor today and enjoy harvesting your delicious honey with ease!

1. 4 frames manual stainless steel honey extractor

4 Frames Manual Honey Extractor

2. 4 frames electric honey extractor

4 Frames Electrical Honey Extractor

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Packing & Shipping & Payment:
  • Package: 1pcs 4 frames electric honey extractor/carton
  • Shipping: Within 7 working days of receiving your advance payment
  • Express shipping: We will take care of the package and make sure it is all good after you get them.
  • EMS, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, and air shipping are all available.
  • Sea shipping: We can help book vessels, declare customs, making docs so that you can get the goods smoothly at your sea port.

packing, transportation, shipping & payment

Multi Sweet Honey Extractor Factory:

multi sweet honey extractor factory

The Certificate Of Multi Sweet:
  • Multi Sweet Honey Extractor is in strict accordance with international standards for Produce, quality assurance.

Multi Sweet iso certificate, manual honey extractor ce certificate, electric honey extractor ce certificate

  • Are You a Factory/Manufacturer Or Trading Company?
    We are a factory/manufacturer of beekeeping tools with over 30 years of experience.
  • What is your MOQ? Can we get a small order for the first time?
    MOQ: The honey extractor’s MOQ is 1 set. Small order is acceptable for the first time. please get in touch with us for the details.
  • How About The Shipping Cost?
    We will choose the most reasonable shipping fee, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for details.
  • Can The Price Be Cheaper?
    The price depends on your demand (shape, size, quantity). Usually, you can get better prices provided large orders.
4 frames honey extractor
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