4 frames electric honey extractor

Apicultura automatic radial 4 frames electric honey extractor



Product Details of the 4 Frames Electric Honey Extractor

The Multi-sweet Group electric honey extractor is made of food grade stainless steel material. The barrel material is 201 stainless stell, the frame rack material is 304 stainless stell.

High power design, high productivity. Electric machinery switch control box, safer to operate, operate speed more stable.

(1) Using very durable material to make the crossbeam and legs, which prolongs the machine’s service life.

(2) Crossbeam. Punched precisely by CNC machine. Strengthened concentric axis stability.

(3) The space between frames and barrel is just one finger.

(4) Conical barrel bottom, less honey left, easy to clean.

(5) Stable stand legs.

(6) With screw. You can install it by hand without a wrench.

(7) Honey gate. The honey gate support is fixed firmly in the barrel wall when sending you.

4 frames electric honey extractor
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