12 Frames Electric Honey Extractor

Multi-Sweet Group Automatic Radial Motor 12 Frames Electric Honey Extractor



Product Details of the 12 Frames Electric Honey Extractor

Features of Multi-sweet electric honey extractor

-Made of food grade stainless steel material

-Can hold 12 shallow, medium or deep frames at once

-Using very durable material to make the crossbeam and legs, which prolongs the machine’s service life.

Important update & bright point

-Crossbeam. Punched precisely by CNC machine. Strengthened concentric axis stability.

-The space between frames and barrel is just one finger.

-Conical barrel bottom, less honey left, easy to clean.

-Stable stand legs.

-With screw. You can install it by hand without a wrench.

-Honey gate. The honey gate is fixed firmly in the barrel wall when sending you.

-Stable and powder electric machinery


We think more for you:

We will offer you spare parts of our honey extractor to free you from worries: For each honey extractor, we will offer you 2 spare screws.

12 Frames Electric Honey Extractor
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