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Multi-sweet Group is a professional beekeeping equipment manufacturer which has 14 years of production experience in China. We are integrated with the beekeeper management, beekeeping machines development and honey processing products. We have acquired 100,000 grade GMP purification standard and QS native intelligence. Because of  our stable quality, reasonable price and good service, our products are quite satisfied by clients. Multi-sweet Group has worked in partnership with customers to accomplish an endless variety new bee products and beekeeping equipment. Multi-sweet Group dedicated in outstanding technology and excellent service to make our products to reach the peak of efficient and cost effective. Multi-sweet Group sincerely hope to create a brighter future with our worldwide friends.



Multi-sweet Group Main Products:

Changge Multi-sweet Biotech: Honey extractor, Honey processing machine, Bee smoker, Bee pollen.
Changge Sweet Beekeeping: Plastic beekeeping tools, Queen excluder, Beekeeping tools.
Changge Huakai Beekeeping Equipment: Beehive, Bee frame, Bee foundation, Beehive accessories.
Henan Multi-sweet Beekeeping Technology: Beeswax machines, Outdoor products.
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Office:11th Floor, Block B, Building 16,University Science Park,Qinling Road,Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City, China


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