Lift For Beehives




1.Product parameters of  Hives Lift

The hive lift Swienty model can be used for both polystyrene hives and wooden hives.

1. A protective net is provided to avoid the injury of the chain to the personnel during the lifting process.
2. Thumb control to avoid the addition and subtraction switches caused by non-supervisor consciousness due to slippage or misoperation during the movement of the equipment by personnel.
3. The installation position of the walking tripod can be adjusted, which is not only suitable for pothole roads (with large-sized wide-face tires), but also suitable for different use angles (overturning lifting height in static state).

2.Product description of Hives Lift

Battery parameters: 24 V/18 ah;
Battery type: 7 series lithium iron phosphate battery;
Output voltage: 25.4V
Charger: 7 strings 29.2V 5A;
Charging time: 5 h;
Working time: ≈65 min;
a. For battery safety, do not use the battery at high load during the whole period, such as full load
Going down a steep slope or driving on a rough road; Thumb wrench, easy to operate, more safe;
b. Multiple electrical protection; Digital battery capacity display;
c. Protective net, work protection;
Minimum size: ≥ 33 cm;
Maximum size: ≈ 70 cm;
Allowable load: ≤ 75 kg;
Lifting height: ≈ 120 cm;
Lever labor saving mechanism

hive lifter



















3.Product details of Australia beehive

1. The electric control system is equipped with an external safety device, filter reset switch, and an up and down stroke switch is arranged on the frame.
2. Vehicle voltage ≤24V, safe voltage range work.
3. Battery power display.

Dimensions: 59*40*180 cm;
Equipment weight: 50kg;
Packing size: 165*42*22 cm;
Packing size: 170*52*37cm;
Packing weight: 80 kg;
Packing type: export wooden case;
Removable, reduce the packaging volume;
International battery, optional;

Lift For Beehives
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